#17 – Buyer’s Remorse & Automated Import

Allan recently bought a Sony A7RII, but is feeling that it might not be quite the right camera for a guy with some Canon glass who shoots video on a Canon C100. The boys help him tease out whether to bring it back and find a body that’s a better fit.

And then Shane wants to find a want to automate import and backup in a way that takes the question marks out of the process. Though Bill & Dan show that sometimes the best intentions often lead to even more questions and complexity.

Sony A7RII on Amazon

Canon 5D Mark III Body on Amazon

Photo Mechanic

Adobe Lightroom on Amazon

Capture One on Amazon

Hazel for Mac



Backblaze online backup

#16 – iPhone Clip-on Lenses & Flying with Batteries

After a long absence, the boys are back with another two great photography questions.

First up, Greg wants to do some street photography with this iPhone but feels limited by the focal length and wants to know the skinny on add-on lenses like Olloclip and Moment.

Next up, friend of the show Kent is traveling a lot with big lithium-ion battery packs and wants to know what the rules are for bringing them on the airplane as well as best practices to keeping them in tip-top shape.


Moment Lenses


OlloClip Active Lenses

ExoLens Review

FAA Battery FAQ – Straight from the source

How to Travel Smart with Battery-Powered Strobes

Flying with Photography Gear


#15 – Vintage Lenses & Lightroom Computer Upgrade

Brad in Brooklyn wants to know if we worry too much about specs when it comes to modern lenses and whether using more vintage glass on our modern cameras might give us the looks we crave.

And Johann from Austria has a 2011 MacBook Pro running Lightroom that’s taking too damn long to process his giant 36MP files. He’s looking to buy some new hardware, but where should he put his money? CPU, RAM, faster storage? Bill & Dan tease out the trade-offs.

Vintage Lenses for Video

10 Tips for Shooting Vintage Lenses

Better Lenses for the Money

Canon 24-70/2.8 Zoom EF mount on Amazon

Apple 27″ iMac 5k – Pretty much tricked out on Amazon


#14 – New Lens Sharpness & Video Tap Story

Tim isn’t happy with the sharpness of his new wide-angle Sigma zoom wide open at f/2.8. Is it a problem with the specific lens, his technique, or a flawed design?

For the second half of this show, we’re trying something a little different. Dan regales us with a story of his thought process while trying to feed video to puppeteers during a photoshoot in this first edition of ‘Tales From the Studio’ (cue 50’s horror music).

Sigma 17-50/2.8 on Amazon

Nikon D610

Serial Digital Interface (SDI)

Video Devices PIX-E5

HooToo Travel Router

Capture Pilot

#13 – Standout Cameras & Travel Lens Worry

Dave in Michigan wants to know what makes his OG Canon 5D and similarly remembered camera bodies so special. This leads Bill & Dan to reminisce.

And Chris in NJ is back, worried that the lenses he uses with his Nikon D700 aren’t up to the task of feeding the D810 he’s considering renting for a once in a lifetime trip out west. 

Canon 5D review on DP Review

Nikon D3 review on DP Review

Does Pixel Size Matter

Nikon D810 on Amazon

Nikon Lens Family Differences

#12 – Resolution Requirements & Strobes for Wet Plate

Dave in New Jersey wants to know if he can print a billboard from his D800, which leads to a discussion about resolution requirements and when all pixels are not created equal.

Next Bruce down in Texas is considering dipping his toe into wet plate photography, but doesn’t have tens of thousands of dollars for the fancy lights his heroes use. Bill & Dan give him some technical advice as well as a few less expensive options to try.

Nikon D810 on Amazon

Victoria Will BTS at Sundance

Shooting Wet Plate with 12,000ws of Light

Wet Plate Collodion and the Joys of Being a Beginner

Paul C Buff White Lightning x3200

#11 – High Aperture Lenses & Macro Extension Tubes

Maarten in Amsterdam is looking to get more depth of field out of his Canon 6D, but his lens only stops down to f/22. Will lenses with even smaller apertures help? Where might he find some?

And Reena wants to use her existing lenses to photo scan negatives and heard extension tubes might be the answer. Bill & Dan explore the options with her.

Canon Lens Spec Chart

Nikon Lens Spec Chart

Canon 70-300mm IS Zoom Lens on Amazon

Kenko Extension Tubes for Nikon Mount

Fotodiox Bellows for Nikon Mount

KEH Used Gear Online Store

#10 – Organizing and Viewing Negatives & High-Speed Sync

A monster show for our tenth episode. Rachel has 40,000 black and white negatives from her late grandfather that she’d like to go through and pull selects from for possible sale as silver gelatin prints. A film scanner would work, but maybe there’s an easier and faster way to get organized

And Jason from Episode #1 is back with a question of how high-speed sync works with little speedlights and larger monolights. Bill & Dan do a survey of a number of ways to break the sync speed barrier and explain how there’s really no such thing as a free lunch when it comes to light.

How to scan film negatives with your dSLR

Helmut Film Scanner for Android

Negative Me

Wirecutter reviews the best film scanning sites

Why Speedlights are usually faster than big flashes

ProFoto HSS  on the B1

PocketWizard HyperSync

HyperSync Compatibility Chart


#9 – iPad As Second Screen & Mac vs Windows for Adobe Premiere

Computer heavy episode this week. Tom in Brooklyn wants to know the best way to use his iPad as a second screen when he’s on the road or on set. Maybe there’s even a way to use it as a poor man’s Wacom Cintiq?

Next up, friend of the show Molly is back with a question about what computer she should buy to edit video on Adobe Premiere. What are the advantages to buying a Mac versus getting a Windows workstation or even building one?

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Apple iPad Pro

Best Second Display Apps

Duet Display

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Nine-Volt – The Ultimate Client Monitor

Lifehacker – Best PCs You Can Build for $1200

Boxx Workstations

Dell Precision Workstations

Apple 5k iMac on Amazon

#8 – Nikon D610 Upgrade & File Recovery Mess

Stuart in sunny Miami is not getting what he wants out of his Nikon D610 for fashion photography and wants to know which direction he should go for the upgrade. Pro speed or straight megapixels?

And Lewis over in NJ almost lost his entire image library to a corrupt hard drive structure. He got them back, but they’re a mess. Bill & Dan help him figure out the best way to get back on track.

Nikon D610

Nikon D810

Nikon D5

Nikon 35mm/1.4 G

Nikon 50mm/1.4 G

Nikon 85mm/1.4 G