#10 – Organizing and Viewing Negatives & High-Speed Sync

A monster show for our tenth episode. Rachel has 40,000 black and white negatives from her late grandfather that she’d like to go through and pull selects from for possible sale as silver gelatin prints. A film scanner would work, but maybe there’s an easier and faster way to get organized

And Jason from Episode #1 is back with a question of how high-speed sync works with little speedlights and larger monolights. Bill & Dan do a survey of a number of ways to break the sync speed barrier and explain how there’s really no such thing as a free lunch when it comes to light.

How to scan film negatives with your dSLR

Helmut Film Scanner for Android

Negative Me

Wirecutter reviews the best film scanning sites

Why Speedlights are usually faster than big flashes

ProFoto HSS  on the B1

PocketWizard HyperSync

HyperSync Compatibility Chart


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