Who are Bill & Dan?

Who are Bill & Dan?

Bill & Dan are a couple of guys in NYC who think a little too much about the technical side of photography. Friends for many years and former co-hosts of Circuitous Conversations, B&D have decided to share their knowledge with the community that has given them so much.

Bill Wadman

After a degree from Berklee College of Music and a career as an art director in the wonderful world of NYC advertising, Bill rediscovered photography and figured out what he wanted to do with his life. Equally at home connecting with subjects behind the camera and perfecting their image in front of a computer – Bill’s technical skills are more than matched by his natural eye for what makes a great photograph. Notoriously obsessive and rarely satisfied; Bill is interested in just about every subject, prefers to paint his own backgrounds, build his own Macs, and perhaps most ironically, does not like getting his picture taken as a general rule of thumb 

Bill is also the co-host of On Taking Pictures on the 5by5 network of shows.


Dan Gottesman

Dan got his start in photography at an early age which set him down a creative path that led him to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. From there, he branched out into working as an audio engineer, a production artist at advertising agencies, an IT guy, and even a play tester for video games.

He returned home to NYC via a job with Apple as a Mac Genius, and then shifted into working in the photo and video world as a tech and assistant.

A passionate problem solver, Dan has become a first-call tech to many talented professionals in the industry, and continues to expand his skill set by keeping up with the latest trends.
He also plays the drums.